Peytec is an IIOT solution provider offering a Smart Inventory Management System. Peytec uses proprietary WPSN network products to enable complex transactions to be eliminated. Our patented technology is applicable to any business process with a need to eliminate physical transactions and provides real time process data management via a wide range of integrated sensors and offers seamless integration with other IIoT Information systems and client business systems.

The Problem

Many customers must operate small scale manufacturing facilities that are providing discrete mixed batch production with a wide range of products and utilizing a complex range of components with inventory from a diverse supply chain. This creates a large and very complex inventory footprint that must be managed. This leads to the challenge of significant Manual Effort, Human Interaction, and complex Logistics to manage the inventory and product stock movement and transactions to maintain inputs to the ERP or associated business system with typically a high error rate and lack of real time data integrity.

The Solution

The Peytec tags can sense and track location without any manual intervention the movement of the inventory and uses the location data to create the transaction to automate the inventory system. This will require some IIOT Strategy and a LEAN Initiative to create the Visual Factory Mentality which will also yield improved material handling cost savings.

The Results

Once implemented significant savings from real time inventory accuracy and transaction effort reduction can be achieved.

How to get started?

Every business is different and we have developed a self-survey you can undertake to define the system requirements and the benefits you should expect from the Peytec solution. Join us and take the survey and let us walk you through the solution that will fit your business.

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