How It Works

What Peytec Tags Do


Provide IIoT solutions

Use proprietary WSPN network products to eliminate complex transactions

Cancels out any need for physical transactions

Provides real time process data management

These are the steps


  • Customers must operate in small facilities that provide discrete, mixed batch production with wide range of products utilizing a range of components from a diverse supply chain
  • Creates a large, complex inventory footprint
  •  Increases manual effort, human interaction, and complex logistics to manage the inventory
  • Provides a lack of real time data integrity


  • Peytec tags help sense and track location without any manual effort
  • Use location data to create automated transactions to the inventory system
  • Creates a visual factory mentality using IIoT strategies and a LEAN initiative
  • Improves material handling cost savings



  • Implementation of tags can lead to:
  • Significant savings from real time inventory accuracy
  • Reduced transaction effort


  • Every business requires a different IoT solution
  • Describe your system requirements and benefits you expect from the Peytec solution via our survey
  • Let us walk you through a solution that will best fit your business