Peytec at CMTS 2017

Peytec recently launched its Cyber Physical System platform at the 2017 CMTS trade show in Toronto.

This Cyber Physical platform offers a central solution to the rapidly emerging INDUSTRY 4.0 revolution. It eliminates transactional waste and provides real- time product quality information of all forms of assets in order to improve inventory accuracy.

Here is a video of our micro factory demo of a Cyber Physical System to furthermore explain Peytec’s Cyber Physical Platform:

We had a great time explaining our product to everyone who came by our booth and enjoyed every second of this amazing experience.

Some of the information that was available at our booth was the Peytec Banner and the Peytec Show Prep.

If you did not get a chance to come by our booth we encourage you to take a look at the information we presented at the CMTS show linked above.

Interested? Want to find out more information? Book a demo with us and find out how we can help you find your own IoT solution fit for your company.